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How to Prepare for your Tantric Healing with Tashi


In order to receive the most from your Tantra Massage with Tashi here are a few suggestions.



  • Turn on your heat in your hotel room so it will be comfortably warm. (does not apply for summer months)

  • Be Freshly Showered and Clean

  • Limit or Avoid alcohol so the Tantric energy can flow through your body more easily. This will make your Tantra massage more meaningful and enjoyable

  • Declutter the space, this promotes inner peace

  • Please try to avoid masturbation for 3 days prior to treatment or at least 24 hours before treatment

  • Try to leave at least a two-hour time frame of eating a meal before your Tantra massage treatment time
    (light meals are okay)

  • Turn off the computer and finish business calls. Give yourself a little time to relax and breathe before the session- even if it's 10 minutes.

  • Have an open mind and Heart

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