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Abby's Journey into studying the Human Body and its natural Flow

Abby's acquaintance with the the body and sensuality began in her late teens when she enrolled into Odessa National University by Ushinsky as a dancer and choreographer. There she graduated as a choreographer after four years of studying many different types of dance including Ukrainian folk dance, Jazz and Ballroom dancing. In later years, she gravitated to the sensual world of Burlesque where she studied and taught this erotic dance form to many women showing them how to express our natural sexual latent energies. Abby still performs occasionally but her love and devotion now lays with the Tantric arts.

Abby's Tantra Massage Training in Bali and Europe


In 2018, Abby ventured to Bali in order to study bodywork, yoga and Tantra. There she met her first Tantra massage mentor Satyarthi Prateek who took her under his wing. Abby helped run his Tantra massage courses in Bali for a year and half and learned everything she could from his mastery of Tantra massage.


For the last couple of years, she has studied with Homa and Mukto who run tantra massage courses for individuals and couples. In these workshops, she has learned many different styles of Tantra massage and Tantric meditations.


For the last year, Abby has been working for Tashi at Tantra Massage In Berlin and is now helping to create this new Tantra massage service that focuses on long, deep and transformative sessions.

Abby's Traditional Yoga studies and how she integrates them into her Tantric work


Abby studied Yoga philosophy and studied the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali at the largest school in Ukraine. This school changed her life, removed a lot of fear and blockages and her life began to open up greatly. Through strengthening herself through intense periods of insight she gained through the ancient knowledge, she then began her journey into the sacred healing art of Tantra massage.

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