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Tantra Massage for Couples in Hamburg

Tantra Massage is a great way for couples to get a deeper understanding of their partner's needs both sexually and emotionally. Learning Neo Tantric principles is a process of outstanding ourselves, our sexuality, and our energetic bodies so we can operate in this world in a healthy and loving way.


Learning with your partner is a great way to grow together in this process. In order to be able to service couples, Tashi has created a Tantra Massage training for couples.


With every massage training- you must see the massage performed, receive the message and give the massage. Plus you will receive a 4 handed massage!


Tantra Massage Training Session for Couples in Hamburg

Both partners will be the Giver and Receiver but at different times during the session

The partner who wants to go first will be the Receiver and lies on their back.

Tashi will sit on one side of the Receiver while the other partner who is the Giver sits on the other side of their partner.


Tashi will begin the massage session by opening up the main energy channels on the torso of the Receiver. 

Tashi then begins massaging one side of the Receiver’s body while the Giver follows her movements on the other side of their partner's body.

The whole massage continues in this way- the Giver copies Tashi’s movements. Small communication can occur- usually through the eyes- but sometimes through the lips.


When we get to the Yoni Massage or the Lingam Massage- more special instruction is given by Tashi- so it can be performed by both Tashi and the giver.


Afterward, it's time to switch! The Giver becomes the Receiver and the Receiver becomes the Giver.

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